Masood Mustafa


Masood has spent many years in the immigration industry. As a former senior officer in Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), he spearheaded various policy groups and implemented new immigration, security and operation policies to support national immigration requirements; enhance border security; and improve overall efficiency.

In addition, he also managed, trained, supervised and scheduled a team of over 30 junior officers and external ground staff for smooth daily operations at immigration checkpoints and that all KPIs and service standards are met.

He was awarded “Gold” by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority as part of Organizing Committee for the Bali Process Workshop involving Senior Immigration Officials from South East Asia and Oceania region.

As a director of Immigration@SG with vast industry knowledge, he oversees the whole management of the company to ensure its excellence
Muhammad Ryhan


Ryhan brings about with him more than 10 years of relevant client-facing experience across the Financial, Marketing, Media, and Government sectors. He currently serves as Practice Manager with Immigration@SG (IASG), specializing on all inbound Singapore immigration matters for both individuals and corporates.

Moving ahead from what was predominantly a business development and sales role for IASG, he is now responsible for representing the company in the final delivery of solutions to end clients. As the intermediary between internal operations and front-line staff, the role requires a certain set of skills key to balancing the dynamics of the whole solutions chain.

In addition, he still continues with the engagement, educating and bringing in of new business through various channels. The position encompasses interacting with compelling individuals from diverse backgrounds including C-Suites and Senior Professionals.

Under his wing, I also take the lead in the Marketing, Branding, and Recruitment functions of the company.
Elena Kwa


Having been predominantly in the Service and Retail Sector for the first half of her career, Elena has spent the last 5 years providing expertise advisory for both Individuals and Corporates looking to immigrate into Singapore. Besides specialization in the Singapore Permanent Residence (PR) scheme, she is also well versed in other immigration matters involving the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

As a Lead Consultant with Immigration@SG LLP (IASG), she currently supervises and manages a team of highly efficient Immigration Consultants to assist clients with all their immigration requirements.
Alfred Charles


Alfred bring with him close to 5 years Singapore Immigration experience, having served as an Officer with ICA, specifically handling Singapore PR applications as well as related back-end systems. Having handled more than 30,000 applications and interacted with numerous applicants, Alfred has first-hand knowledge of the requirements for PR as well as managing the expectations of both ICA and applicants.

Throughout his years in ICA, he had also accomplished much and was involved in the audit process which contributed to ICA achieving successive ISO certification in 2014 as well as obtaining the Frontline Customer Service certification in 2015. Needless to say, Alfred very adept in immigration policies involving Singapore Citizenship and Singapore Permanent Residence, visit passes and travel visas.

His knowledge and experience remains vital for IASG as he fronts one of our key customer touch points in their Singapore Permanent Residency / Citizenship journey. As a champion of good customer service, Alfred is able to maintain a high degree of professionalism and precision while still establishing a warm and lasting working relationship with individuals at all levels including senior professionals and high net worth individuals.
Teena Kaur


Teena’s experience handling inbound Singapore immigration matters spans over 6 years, having joined ICA after a stint at the Ministry of Law in 2011. She was singled out for her meticulous approach in handling complex documentation and was tasked to focus on Singapore Permanent Residency and Citizenship matters where she developed a solid understanding of Singapore immigration policies and procedures. This formed the strong foundation for her career as an immigration professional.

As part of her natural progression to learn more, Teena then joined the private sector with one of the world’s leading corporate immigration service provider as an Immigration Consultant. She excelled in her role and in a short span of time was assigned a leadership position handling the documentation work for PR, Citizenship, work passes and relocation advisory.

Teena now serves as a senior and critical member of the IASG team, providing exemplary service assisting clients with their Singapore Permanent Residency and Citizenship applications. As a multi-linguist, she is easily able to connect well with clients from various nationalities making them feel at home in no time at all. In addition, Teena plays a key role in working with the management to remain well-informed and updated on new and upcoming immigration policies.
Zen Tan


Zen is a senior member of the Sales Team at Immigration@SG (IASG), due to his wealth of experience in Sales and Business Development since 2005.

He started his career off in a Research position with the prestigious Government of Singapore Investment Corporation before taking up his first Sales position with OSIM International. Finding his niche in connecting with people on the ground level, Zen quickly established himself as a down to earth and amicable personality that clients found easy to relate to.

Truly a heartlander, Zen is a critical member of the team that is well-liked by both colleagues and clients and the results show in the amount of trust he has garnered in growing IASG’s client base. In the 2 years at IASG, Zen’s portfolio of satisfied customers spans across multiple industries for both blue and white collared professionals.
Mei Kay


A new addition into IASG family, Kay is a former cabin crew with Singapore Airlines. Her 5 years spent with Singapore’s national carrier has groomed her to provide excellent and gracious customer service built on poise, confidence and warmth.

With a mixed heritage, her ability to converse in multiple languages allows her to connect with various clients easily. She listen carefully to her customers, and relentlessly challenge herself to deliver and exceed expectations.

In her time spent with IASG, Kay has picked up a lot of immigration policy knowledge quickly. Essentially a fast learner, with her positive and driven demeanour, Kay has already established herself with a strong client base in IASG within a short period of time.
Elieen Leow


Elieen is one of the youngest yet highly experienced consultant at Immigration@SG (IASG). She comes with reasonable Sales & Marketing experience and knowledge, having been in the industry since 2014.

She started her career as an Unsecured Loan Marketing Ambassador at Oversea-Chinese Bank Corporation Limited (OCBC), where she displayed exemplary customer service skills and quality interpersonal skills. With her vast knowledge and good communication skills, she was able to properly analyse her client's situations and needs, allowing her to fulfil and serve her clients' to her fullest capabilities.

After OCBC, she decided to move on to Singapore's Immigration industry to explore this niche market and to leverage on her sales and marketing experience.

As of now, she possesses close to 2 years of Immigration policy knowledge, specializing in Singapore Permanent Residency and Singapore Citizenship applications. With this skill set, Elieen is able to resolve doubts on various client profiles including individual and family applications from various industries and nationalities around the world.
Farrah Yusnita


As the first point of customer contact and Administrator of the office, Farrah possesses the unique skillset of keeping the office running smoothly. The role requires a very highly organized, service-oriented, and self-driven individual to effectively coordinate office administrative operations to maximize efficiency and productivity.

With extensive experience in Hospitality and Customer Service, Farrah is comfortable dealing with customers from all walks including Executives and C-Level individuals. As such, her pleasant disposition is key for IASG both externally and internally for cross team coordination.
Sheryl Sim


Sheryl is currently serving as a Client Services Executive with Immigration@SG LLP. With a strong customer service background, she is able to maintain superior client relationships and provide outstanding service and support to clients of all nationalities and professions.

Her highly meticulous nature is integral to the Documents team, who handles multiple client applications at any given time. Although one of the youngest member of the team, Sheryl’s experience in handling documentation for Singapore PR and Citizenship applications is stellar, having successfully amassed a strong critical base of customers in a short period of time.

While embracing the core values of integrity, efficiency and accountability, Sheryl has demonstrated her keen ability to assist clients on their journey to Singapore Permanent Residency and Citizenship by frequently going the extra mile.