Case Studies

Miguel Mateo | 40 | Cuban

PR Approved for entire family within 7 months

Miguel holds a senior position at Citibank Singapore, having been transferred from the Japan office. With expertise in Financial Information Technology and Security, he brings about with him a unique skill set on a global strategic level.

After doing some research and speaking with fellow expats, Miguel was not confident on his chances of application considering his length of stay in Singapore (less than 1 year), age, ethnic background, as well as the industry he is in, which is quite saturated.

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Dr. Vishal | 36 | India

PR Approved for himself and wife within 6 months.

Medical professional Dr. Vishal came to Singapore from India after spending 2 years as a Radiologist in India. His wife, also highly educated, left her job in India to follow Dr. Vishal to Singapore. She is currently a Housewife and they have no children yet.

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Mr Ingole

PR finally Approved for himself and entire family after a long wait (8 months).

Computer & Software Engineer Ingole Paritosh Vijay, who is of Indian origin, came to Singapore after spending 8 years in U.K. Ingole is currently married with 2 children, and is holding a senior position with Goldman Sachs at time of approval.

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PR finally Approved for both Daughters within half a year

Tharmalingam Murugan worked his way up from a blue-collared laborer position in 2003 when he first came to Singapore. After attaining PR for himself and wife in 2007, he worked hard and is now a Director of a humble food trading shop. He has since find it difficult to secure PR for his 2 Singapore-born daughters.

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