Case Studies

Family of 5 Gets Singapore PR Approved on the First Attempt

Client | 40s | South American

The client holds a senior position in a global financial institution, having been transferred from the Japan office. With expertise in Financial Information Technology and Security, he brings about with him a unique skill set on a global strategic level.

After doing some research and speaking with fellow expats, the client was not confident on his chances of application considering his length of stay in Singapore (less than 1 year), age, ethnic background, as well as the industry he is in, which is quite saturated.

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Single Malaysian Gets Approved After 1st Attempt

Nicholas Stanley Kraal | 35 | Malaysian

Nicholas first came to Singapore in 2014, with more than 10 years of experience doing operations and memberships in the Health & Fitness line. With his strong acumen in the line, he seized the opportunity to branch out to the Singapore from Malaysia and has never looked back. After staying in Singapore for a good 2 years, Nicholas was adamant to commit to Singapore as PR.

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APPROVED : Single Filipino Professional With only 1 yr Work Experience

Abigail | 30 | Philippines

Abigail came to us after strong recommendations from her colleagues who came for consultations. Adamant initially due to her relatively short work experience in Singapore, she decided that it was no harm to attend the consultation anyway to find out more since it was free of charge.

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Indian Work Permit Holder Finally Gets PR Approved After Multiple Rejections

Sajini | 36 | Malaysia

Sajini came to us after countless frustrations at getting her Singapore PR application rejected for at least 3 times. Her husband, also a Malaysian, is already a Singapore Permanent Resident, having lived and worked in Singapore for more than 23 years.

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Blue-collared laborer turned business owner gets PR first before attaining PR for his 2 Children through the Sponsored Scheme.

Murugan | 39 | India

Tharmalingam Murugan worked his way up from a blue-collared laborer position in 2003 when he first came to Singapore. After attaining PR for himself and wife in 2007, he worked hard and is now a Director of a humble food trading shop. He has since find it difficult to secure PR for his 2 Singapore-born daughters.

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APPROVED : Indonesian Family See Out a Long 2-year Wait!

Aribowo | 38 | Indonesia

As both husband and wife are busy working professionals, they were clear that they wanted to work with a professional that is adept and accommodating in helping them with something they have little, or no knowledge of (Singapore Immigration policies).

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Family of 6 Finally Gets Approval on the 8th Attempt

M Aleem | 43 | Indian

Managing Director and Engineering Sales professional M Abdul, who is Indian in origin, came to Singapore in 2006, after spending 8 years as a professional in India and Saudi Arabia. In Singapore, having been in the employ of several Engineering firms, he learnt the trade and found the efficiencies and convenience of infrastructure in place to finally set up his own company.

After doing some research and speaking with fellow colleagues, M Aleem decided to give the application one last try with professional help.

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