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Mei Kay

Mei Kay
A new addition into IASG family, Kay is a former cabin crew with Singapore Airlines. Her 5 years spent with Singapore’s national carrier has groomed her to provide excellent and gracious customer service built on poise, confidence and warmth. With a mixed heritage, her ability to converse in multiple languages allows her to connect with various clients easily. She listen carefully to her customers, and relentlessly challenge herself to deliver and exceed expectations. In her time spent with IASG, Kay has picked up a lot of immigration policy knowledge quickly. Essentially a fast learner, with her positive and driven demeanour, Kay has already established herself with a strong client base in IASG within a short period of time.

My observations as an Immigration Specialist : Common Challenges My Customers Face When Applying for Singapore PR

 Having been in the service line for more than a decade, empathy towards customers has more or less been ingrained in my DNA as a service professional. As an inbound Singapore Immigration Specialist, I meet customers from all walks of life daily, all yearning to be Singapore PRs, yet time and again, they get frustrated that their application gets rejected.

The top challenges that my clients encounter include:

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