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Teena Kaur

Teena Kaur
Teena’s experience handling inbound Singapore immigration matters spans over 6 years, having joined ICA after a stint at the Ministry of Law in 2011. She was singled out for her meticulous approach in handling complex documentation and was tasked to focus on Singapore Permanent Residency and Citizenship matters where she developed a solid understanding of Singapore immigration policies and procedures. This formed the strong foundation for her career as an immigration professional. As part of her natural progression to learn more, Teena then joined the private sector with one of the world’s leading corporate immigration service provider as an Immigration Consultant. She excelled in her role and in a short span of time was assigned a leadership position handling the documentation work for PR, Citizenship, work passes and relocation advisory. Teena now serves as a senior and critical member of the IASG team, providing exemplary service assisting clients with their Singapore Permanent Residency and Citizenship applications. As a multi-linguist, she is easily able to connect well with clients from various nationalities making them feel at home in no time at all. In addition, Teena plays a key role in working with the management to remain well-informed and updated on new and upcoming immigration policies.

Observations of an Immigration Specialist (Part 3): Common Challenges My Customers Face When Applying for Singapore PR


As a Senior Documents specialist doing inbound Singapore immigration work for several years now, I feel it would be beneficial to provide hopeful applicants with some nuggets of information pertaining Singapore PR / Citizenship applications. 

Delay due to last minute document preparation

Often, when preparing application documents packages for clients,  my work gets delayed when clients take their own time to prepare their documents. This means that should there be any issues with their documents, more time will be wasted in getting these rectified. This will result in missing the originally planned submission deadline. 


Document that are not up to standard

At IASG, we have a well-run and efficient document preparation system that is planned to make clients' work as easy and hassle free as possible. We plan our client schedules accordingly so that the sufficient reaction time is catered for in the event there are unexpected hurdles faced in obtaining specific documents. Examples would include :

1) Documents left behind in their home country

2) Documents that has faded over time,

3) Documents which require professional translations and notarization to meet ICA's standards


It is imperative that these document reviews be done on time so that clients can submit a smooth application and will not face immediate rejection by ICA due to insufficient or improper documenting. So what should you do? How do you ensure that your application does not go to waste?

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