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Zen Tan

Zen Tan
Zen is a senior member of the Sales Team at Immigration@SG (IASG), due to his wealth of experience in Sales and Business Development since 2005. He started his career off in a Research position with the prestigious Government of Singapore Investment Corporation before taking up his first Sales position with OSIM International. Finding his niche in connecting with people on the ground level, Zen quickly established himself as a down to earth and amicable personality that clients found easy to relate to. Truly a heartlander, Zen is a critical member of the team that is well-liked by both colleagues and clients and the results show in the amount of trust he has garnered in growing IASG’s client base. In the 2 years at IASG, Zen’s portfolio of satisfied customers spans across multiple industries for both blue and white collared professionals.

Observations of an Immigration Specialist (Part 4): Common Challenges My Customers Face When Applying for Singapore PR


As a Senior Consultant doing inbound Singapore immigration work for several years now, I feel it would be timely that I provide hopeful applicants with some of my observations for the Singapore PR / Citizenship applications I have assisted with so far in 2018. 

Lost and Clueless on next steps after multiple Rejections

While it seems easy at the onset, preparing your own documents for your PR / Citizenship applications, many of the clients I meet this year revealed that it really is a 'stab in the dark' approach and expressed extreme demoralization when they found out that their application got rejected, yet again, despite putting in so much effort.

Upon probing further, looking into the set of documents they prepared, it was clear that there were several mistakes in the preparation work and the entirety of the applicant's profile was not well represented. What makes it worse is that there were so many gaps of important information missing. 

Later on, I also uncovered that majority had actually taken advice and guidelines via friends, or online forums. While these sources may strike you as reliable, in essence, they have zero experience handling actual immigration work and hence, in short, makes them Poor opinion leaders.


Concerns about working with Immigration Consultancies

As expected, when applicants have exhausted all options that does not require them to fork out any money, they felt that perhaps it was time to seek a second opinion from a professional. After all, since the initial consultation is at no charge, it would cost nothing but just a little bit of time. 

However, after surveying several consultancies, their concerns were amplified because :

1) Guarantee of Approvals with High Success Rates seems to good to be true

2) Charges can be quite high

3) Uncomfortable with certain high pressure sales tactics


If you have been shopping around for help, I am sure these points resonates well. So what is the next best option? How different do I and my company help our clients?

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