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Commentary - Impact of General Election 2020 on inbound Singapore Immigration


We have come to the time again for Singapore to vote for a new government. Dubbed the 'Pandemic Elections', for the first time ever, the Singapore General Elections will be held amidst a global setback as Singapore looks to a progressive government that can ride us all out of this storm, together.

Naturally, this is a time we face increased inquiries from foreign talent in Singapore with regards to their chances to apply for Singapore Permanent Residence and/or Citizenship:

Will the Singapore Government be tightening Immigration Policies after the Election?

Is it a good time to submit an application at this time?

When is a good time to submit applications? Now or Later?

What is the impact of Covid-19 on the upcoming Elections?

As Immigration Consultants, it is important to keep ourselves abreast with the latest immigration policy updates that answers these genuine concerns. Having maintained strong and healthy relations with the various ministry counterparts, we are also able to access and analyse information that directly impacts  Foreign Talent and their long-term plans in Singapore.

If you are interested to apply for Singapore PR, Citizenship, arrange for a Consultation with us to receive the latest in advisory and understand how we can help sharpen your profiles. Have a chat with us today by filling in our Inquiry Form at the bottom of the page or call us at +65 6493 1830 or email us at

Muhammad Ryhan

Author: Muhammad Ryhan

Ryhan brings with him close to 15 years of relevant client-facing experience across the Financial, Marketing, Media, and Government sectors. Moving ahead from what was predominantly a business development and sales role, he is now responsible for representing the company in the final delivery of solutions to end clients. As the intermediary between internal operations and front-line staff, the role requires a certain set of skills key to balancing the dynamics of the whole solutions chain. In addition, Ryhan still continues with the engagement, educating and bringing in of new business. He also takes the lead in the Marketing, Branding, and Recruitment functions of the company.

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