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Singapore Inbound Immigration : Is Integrity Getting Few And Far Between?


This news report is likely causing a stir among hopeful Singapore Permanent Residence and Citizenship applicants, regardless if they are applying on their own or through immigration professionals. We understand that immigration is a big decision for individuals, families, and businesses. This is not a game.

How then should we restore back trust to the selection process as a result of the doings of rogue individuals and immigration consultancies endorsing such conduct as highlighted in the report?

While we are pretty sure the relevant authorities are working tooth and nail to tighten up these loose ends, we must also do our part to ensure due diligence in partnering individuals and companies. 

It is important to note though that deceptive advertising and rogue practices does not represent an entire industry. They make up a small percentage of what you will encounter every day in the inbound Singapore immigration sector. However, there will always be companies out there looking to dupe consumers via implementation of highly coercive high pressurized sales tactics so as to make money in any way that they can.

And this is very true as well for the Singapore Permanent Residency / Citizenship consultancy industry of late - whereby a growing number of hopeful applicants fall prey to dubious claims and malpractice from unethical companies.

Before you commit, experts advice taking a moment to educate yourself about what exactly you are buying. There's more to advertising than you might think, and understanding exactly how companies conduct their business to attract consumers can alert you to potential deceit.

Don’t you want to partner a company that can:

  1. Provide genuine knowledge on Policy and Immigration matters?
  2. Timely support for you at the various stages of your application?
  3. Handle complex immigration issues with the different Government agencies?
  4. Produce real client testimonials & case study samples from actual clients?
  5. Conduct business transparently using facts and knowledge over pushy sales-driven tactics?
  6. Promise on Integrity on Management Practices and Customer-service


We would like to establish that IASG’s track record in Singapore PR applications remains stellar. Through integrity and professionalism, we have grown steadily over the years with our best practices and we have helped individuals and families, senior level professionals and business owners as well as white and blue collar employees with their PR applications.  It is also important to note that we have also done remarkably well for our clients without the fees of a full-fledged law firm. You may like to reference our various case studies and testimonials of real clients we have helped attain Singapore Permanent Residence successfully.

Our intimate knowledge of Singapore’s immigration and employment policies will prime both Employers and/or the direct individuals to have a hassle-free experience in the application process. We will handle all application matters from paperwork, liaison with the various ministries, the application proper, as well as post-application matters, where required. More importantly, clients can tap on our expertise on all advisory matters to ensure a smooth application process and higher chances of approval.

Immigration@SG LLP

Author: Immigration@SG LLP

Immigration@SG LLP (IASG) is a Singapore immigration consultancy firm providing comprehensive services and solutions for businesses and individuals. Our team comprise of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in Singapore, with close working relationships with government agencies. Our in-depth knowledge of Singapore immigration laws, as well as extensive experience with immigration cases, allow us to offer our clients a sound and strategic immigration advice, with full compliance to the local laws and regulations. Visit our website ( in order to get more information about our services.

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