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Singapore PR Application Documents Package Using ICA Latest ePR Standards


Since the implementation of ICA's e-PR Submission on 18 December 2017, many applicants have expressed their concern on the limitations brought about through their online submission experience. While the online form is time consuming to navigate, applicants are also concern on the inability to express the full extent of their profile now that they are unable to upload their additional supporting documents.

How then does ICA evaluate and profile applicants?

At Immigration@SG, we have assembled a team of very experienced and knowledgeable staff that includes ex-ICA officers and inbound immigration specialists form the private sector. We utilize our years of experience and contacts to keep ourselves abreast of policy changes and be on top of our game for the convenience and delight of our clients. This includes being well-prepared and well-trained to deal swiftly and effectively with changes such as the newly implemented e-PR submission.

Since 18 December 2017, we have helped dozens of our customers to successfully submit their Singapore PR applications online via ICA's e-PR, with a documents package that is

  • Strong and Compelling in accordance to the applicants' background and experience
  • Maintaining a level of Professionalism with all the relevant supporting documents
  • Full and Complete - All applicants Achievements and Merits are submitted for consideration for approval


Applicants who are serious about their Singapore PR Applications and concern about preparing a complete documents package that is acceptable by ICA standards, give your application a fair chance by having a no obligation discussion with us.

Set up a complimentary consultation with IASG today.


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Muhammad Ryhan

Author: Muhammad Ryhan

Ryhan brings with him close to 15 years of relevant client-facing experience across the Financial, Marketing, Media, and Government sectors. Moving ahead from what was predominantly a business development and sales role, he is now responsible for representing the company in the final delivery of solutions to end clients. As the intermediary between internal operations and front-line staff, the role requires a certain set of skills key to balancing the dynamics of the whole solutions chain. In addition, Ryhan still continues with the engagement, educating and bringing in of new business. He also takes the lead in the Marketing, Branding, and Recruitment functions of the company.

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