Singapore Permanent Resident Applications

Our Approach | to Singapore Permanent Resident Applications

We understand there is about 90-95% rejection rate among applicants who apply for Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) status on their own and rejection can be for different reasons like incomplete forms, insufficient documents, and weak profiles and so on. ICA does not disclose the reason for rejection and we understand that this can be quite frustrating for you.

We at IASG leverage on the intimate knowledge of former policy-makers and / or highly experienced members within the team to provide assistance with your Singapore permanent resident application to enhance your chances of success as well minimize your hassle in preparing the documents amidst your hectic work schedule.


Our economic forefathers have always reiterated how, as a small nation, the people will always be our natural resource. While Singapore is on a constant need to bolster and reinforce its human workforce to enjoy sustained economic growth, the criteria in selecting the right candidates for Singapore Permanent Resident status remain strategically vital to the country. With thousands of Singapore Permanent Resident applications going through review monthly, it is important for applicants to fully understand some of the contributing factors* affecting their applications. These includes but not limited to:


In view of the official retirement age of 65 years old, you will be assessed on your ability to provide a significant contribution to the economy and/or society for a period of time. While younger applicants provide time and youth on their side, older applicants bring about a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Duration of stay in Singapore

The Singapore Government will access your potential by looking into the length of time you have physically stayed and/or remain employed within Singapore. You will stand a better chance if your stay is not brief and you can show how you have familiarised with the local community and culture to support your decision on seeking Singapore Permanent Resident status.


As a progressive nation, Singapore looks toward well-balanced candidates that are proficient in both academic and professional experience in the respective industries and sectors. Conversely, technical qualifications will also be heavily considered for skilled-specific positions.

Industry & Employment

What are some of the key industries that drives the Singapore economy? As a global hub for various key sectors, employment and expertise in such sectors may be the difference in granting you Singapore Permanent Resident. Another factor for consideration would be your employment terms (Contract Vs Permanent).

Income & Economic Contribution

While many would assume that the income bracket is the key driver for approvals, it is imperative that you understand the importance of a holistic contribution. Regardless of your position, all manner of contribution counts. You will also be accessed on your future earning potential and spending power within Singapore.

Kinship and Family Ties

If you already have existing family and relatives that are Singapore Permanent Residents or Citizens, you may stand a stronger chance as it is generally favoured for family circles to keep within close proximity and to further sink in their roots into an ever growing and expanding multiracial society.

Social Integration

In addition to economic contribution, as a small country, contribution to society has been seen lately as a key factor in applications. Be it monetary contributions, or volunteering of time and effort, your integration efforts with the society indicates a strong desire to blend into our culture and norms.

Special Commendations

If you have accumulated special commendations, awards and recognition on a professional or personal level, you can use these accolades to gloss your application and showcase what makes you different from other candidates.


Special talents and skill sets will give you a unique edge. Depending on what these talents are, you will be assessed on how this talent can elevate yourself and the community. For example, such talents may include but not be limited to individuals who have a track record in sporting and/or artistic excellence.


We at IASG promise to professionally map out your Singapore Permanent Resident application from start to finish based on our specialist knowledge in immigration policiesHaving worked with thousands of applicants, our proven approach systematically handholds you through the processes in a manner that is designed to provide minimal hassle.

Initial Profile Analysis

We will perform an initial profile analysis with you, free-of-charge. This is a key phase in the entire application process as we will use this session to understand your background, reasons for applying for Permanent Resident as well as analyse your current strengths and weaknesses in relation to what the Singapore Government is looking for. You can also use this session to clarify any queries pertaining any application and immigration policy matters.

Profile Strengthening Insights

Once we know your skill sets and background information, we will be able to map out your individual strength as an applicant against industry benchmarks as well as what the government typically is looking for in candidates at a specific point in time. We will provide advisory and instructions that can help boost your chances significantly.

Professional Advisory At All Phases

We provide you with complete professional advisory across the entire phase of the application process beginning with the initial analysis, followed by the documents compilation, through to submission and finally the post outcome phase, before you become an official Singapore Permanent Resident.

Handle Complex Immigration Issues

We understand that your application may be unique and not straightforward. Should you have complex profiles prior to submission, you will receive added attention as we strategize from a legal and professional standpoint using a structured approach to solve such issues. We will also provide post-application assistance when required to ensure a positive outcome.

New Policy Updates

Policy changes can be abrupt and often. At any point in time while working with us on your Permanent Resident Application, as and when ICA or any related government agencies met out new policies or updates to existing policies that affects your PR Application, we will ensure that such information is communicated clearly, especially if such policy changes directly impacts you.

Expedite e-PR Submissions

We will make it our responsibility to expedite your case via ICA's new e-PR submission system according to your preference or whichever date that is in your favour based on our recommendation. If you have important datelines to meet for submission (expiring pass), we can accelerate your case on an urgent basis at no extra cost.

Comprehensive Guidance and Checklists

We have developed our own set of checklists that is designed to provide the most comprehensive guidance for both Mandatory and Supporting documents as required by ICA for all Singapore Permanent Resident applications. This is because the standard lists will make your application bare and will not paint an accurate picture of your strengths to reviewing authorities.

Professional Computer Software

We adopt a computerised filling up of all Singapore Permanent Resident Application forms (as opposed to handwritten forms) to maintain professionalism and eliminate errors due to illegible handwriting. We will also provide a complete set of editable application forms to you, in the event a re-application is necessary. This avoids the hassle of starting the entire application process again from scratch.

Strong Error-Free Documents Preparation

Close to the scheduled ICA e-PR submission date, we will compile and prepare a complete, strong error-free documents package for ICA submission. The documents package, will receive adequate scrutiny and run-throughs by our legal team and immigration specialists before formally conducting a handover.

Should there be any ad-hoc complex issues that may arise close to ICA e-PR submission date, rest assured they will be addressed before submission to ensure that your submission receives the full and fair attention it deserves.


There are many firms out there who promises to help you gain strong consideration for your Singapore Permanent Resident application. It is important that you choose a credible and honest partner to work with.

Remember that no two applications are the same. We take a customised approach (not one size fits all) on every case. All our consultants are experienced to handle various application complexities to ensure professionalism.

Seeking Permanent Residence is an important decision and an intricate process, therefore it is critical that you work with a company that has your best interest at heart. At IASG, we promise you with Key Value Propositions

Value Proposition 1

Assurance that all staff are experienced individuals possessing sound immigration policy knowledge. Our experienced team has been in this industry long enough to help and assist various profiles of applicants. This gives us a sharp eye in picking up the little nuances that can impact an application. We take great pride in assisting each case and not merely fill up forms.

Value Proposition 2

We have assembled a back-end team of experienced ex-Ministry officials that used to be involved in national policy planning. These individuals will be working closely on all applications. Their knowledge and familiarity in the matter will ensure that all applications represents the best possible profile for you at time of submission.

Value Proposition 3

Eliminate the hassle and time wastage trying to understand intricate policy and document matters. All our staff working on your applications are well-versed in what is considered to be bread and butter issues for an immigration firm. Our knowledge in such matters will be applied to all cases where applicable.

Value Proposition 4

We are in the business of building a long-term relationship with all our clients beyond their application. As such, one of our company’s core values are to ingrain Honesty and Integrity at all client touch points including consultations and assessments. Our repeated referrals from past clients as well as those who go on to use our services for Citizenship and/or Corporate matters are testament to this.

Value Proposition 5

Our vast experience in the industry has given us the opportunity to work successfully on a variety of complex applications. From time to time, we understand that there will be applicants whose case may differ from standard applications. Should you choose to work with us, you can be assured that such matters will be handled professionally and promptly.

Value Proposition 6

We do not need to thrive on marketing gimmicks to secure your business. While we pride ourselves to be a professionally-run firm, we also expect you to take us seriously. The time and resources spent on each of our clients reflects the value that you receive should you choose to work with us. Resorting to gimmicks is something that we strongly feel against as it devalues what we stand for as an organisation.