I am very pleased with my experience with Immigration@SG. I would like to thank Elaine and Zen, for being very helpful and professional. Their guidance, assistance and support throughout the PR application process gave me peace of mind and helped to improve my chances of getting approved. 

My application for PR  is successful and I am very satisfied with the way Immigration@SG has assisted and supported me, from the start of the application to the finalization process.  I would strongly recommend Immigration@SG to anyone, as the staff are not only professional and knowledgeable but will also go the extra mile to help.

I strongly feel that Immigration@SG is one of the best immigration agents in Singapore.

Accounting Professional


We were finally approved for PR because of IASG’s dedicated support.
They replied promptly to all my queries regarding the PR application process and their advice was very professional, which helped us greatly.

Thank you!

Mori Hisato and Tomomi

Airline Pilot | Japan

Immigration@SG LLP had been resourceful in guiding me on which information and documents are important for my PR application.

With the service provided by Immigration@SG LLP, my PR application is approved within 4.5 months. I am really thankful to Immigration@SG LLP and Ryhan, my consultant for PR application.

Cheng Yen Ting

Business Process Analyst | Malaysia

Applying for PR is a time and energy-consuming process. It helps to have someone on your side who can manage it for you. My experience with IASG was not perfect, but when it counted most they really came through for me.

Judd Labarthe

Strategic Business Professional | U.S.A

I am pleased to write this testimonial for Immigration@SG. It is because of their experience and expertise in this field that I could acquire my PR at the very first attempt.

Paperwork for such an important application process can be tedious and daunting. You need experts to scrutinize and oversee the whole paperwork because a minor mistake could negatively impact your chances. My decision to consult Immigration@SG has paid dividends for me because of their professionalism, eye for detail and commitment.

I wish that prospective PR applicants seek a consultation if you do not wish to leave anything to chance. All the best to the team at Immigration@SG.

Dr. Vishal

Medical Practitioner | India

I am very satisfied with the service provided by Immigration@SG. The service is trustworthy and with my recent PR application approval, I am considering working with Immigration@SG for my Singapore Citizen application as well as I am very comfortable and impressed with the level of professionalism and preparation that went into my successful submission.

Sun Meiling (Christina)

Purchasing Officer | China

Since we came to Singapore, my family and I (all Japanese but me) felt like this is the place to call home from now on. Immigration@SG helped us enormously in achieving this goal. They were dedicated, detailed and had immense knowledge on the processes. They guided us every single step and we are very happy with the positive outcome and excited about this new step in our lives.

Banking and Finance Professional

South American

Mr Masood and Immigration@SG were very professional right from the beginning and gave me good advice on successful PR applications! I followed their tips and am now a PR!

I was not very confident about my application till the time Mr Masood reviewed my application and said that I have a good chance! I will hire them again for my fiance’s PR application too! Highly recommended!

Karam Siddiq

Pilot, Jetstar | Australian

The staff at Immigration@SG were very professional in handling my case. They gave me relevant advice, and were very responsive during email correspondence.

They were very patient during the documents handover and assisted to the best of their abilities. Keep up the good work!

Criselda Peren

Senior Music Teacher, Juzmusic Prime Pte Ltd | Philippines

I would like to thank Mr. Masood and his team for their kind assistance in the documentation preparation and guidance throughout. The best part was having the peace of mind that an expert was preparing and arranging all necessary documents for your PR submission for me and my wife. Thank you!

Dennis Fortich

Regulatory Affairs Manager, ICM Pharma Pte Ltd | Philippines

The friendly consultants at IASG were very helpful in assisting me with all the necessary procedures required to successfully apply for PR. This included the initial consultation briefings through to the overall procedures in finalizing the documents submission.

They assisted in not just the mandatory documents, but also advised on various supporting documents that will help increase our chances for a successful application.

In addition, they also assisted on documents translation when required. Elena, the consultant in charge of my application, replied on every inquiry promptly and patiently, making it an overall pleasant experience.

Thank you IASG for your assistance!



It’s really been a nice time working with Immigration@SG for my Singapore PR application. I was extremely pleased with the great support and approach from Mr. Masood Mustafa and Mr. Zen Tan.

I am particularly impressed with the team’s quick response, guidance, and  professionalism. After submitting the documentation with proper guidance , I feel good and now I am really confident of a successful Singapore PR application this time. Million thanks and best wishes to Immigration@SG!

Killivalan Vamsi

Production Manager, Raycom Engineering & Aerospace Pte Ltd | Indian

Immigration@SG Team, I thank you for your kind assistance in preparing my documents package for my Permanent Residence (PR) application. I was very happy to work with Masood, Elena and Ryhan…

Should a positive result come from ICA, I would be a very happy.

Manickam Kumaran

Tech Lead | India

I am prepared to get my PR in Singapore since I came here. After 8 years living in Singapore, I tell myself it’s time to go for it. So I was seeking some professional assistant to work together for the application. It's glad to know Immigration@SG. Fast and effective service received from Masood, Elena, and Ryhan. Let us look forward to the positive result from ICA.

He Qin (Cherry)

Administrative Accounts Assistant | China

We also would like to express our sincere gratitude especially to you and Ryhan for helping us out and providing an outstanding and professional service.

Kevin Doan

Systems Engineer (ASEAN) | Finland

Thanks for your good service, I felt very comfortable with Ms. Elena, and trust your service and introduced my friend to use your company for PR application. Hope my application will be approved.

Zhang Lei

Sales Administration Manager | China

The IASG team demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the immigration and particularly Permanent Residence issues. At the same time, they demonstrated utmost professionalism in providing advice and service. Our immigration consultant Mei Kay and Document Specialist Teena were very patient and knowledgeable while explaining the detailed process and guided us through all the different steps of the application. They were also very responsive to any of our queries.

To update, I just received my PR approval after waiting for 5 months. It was my 3rd time applying for PR and my level of confidence was quite low but I am thankful to the great support provided by Kay and Immigration@SG team for making this happen.

I would gladly recommend IASG!

Asad Kalimi

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all staff at Immigration@SG, with my special thanks going to Elena Kwa and Masood Mustafa, for their support and     guidance throughout the entire process of PR application for me and my wife Mila. Proving to be high class professionals, they have provided us with step-by-step counseling and assistance. Applying for Permanent Residence is a very serious decision, because it has a significant influence on all aspects of one’s life. Me and my wife have been preparing  for this for quite a long time, and after making this decision, we’ve started looking for a professional support, because it is very important to get advice and assistance from an experienced person. I must say that we were really lucky to learn about Immigration@SG.

Our first meeting and interview with Elena proved that we have come to the right place, and made us confident that with the support from Immigration@SG we can expect the process to go flawlessly. And we were right. After a few months of hard work and preparation from both sides me and my wife have submitted our PR application. Now we are looking forward to receiving a positive outcome, and will be very happy to share our joy with Elena, Masood and the Immigration@SG team, as our success couldn’t be achieved without their support and guidance. I would like to thank once again the Immigration@SG team for their highest level of expertise and professionalism in handling our application.

Aleksandr Danilov

Senior Marketing Consultant | Russia

The team at IASG provided excellent guidance, support and review of our application and files to ensure we followed the process. 

With help from Ryhan and Zen, the entire application and review process went really well, and their team provided up to date information in a timely manner.

We found our in-person consultations to be effective, and time saving.  IASG was helpful, prompt, and precise in their advice. We recommend them highly for other applicants of the Singapore PR.


Aviation Industry