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    There are many firms out there who promises to help you gain strong consideration for your Singapore Permanent Residence application. It is important that you choose a credible and honest partner to work with. Remember, no two applications are the same. We take a customised approach (not one-size-fits-all) for every case. All our consultants are experienced to handle various application complexities to ensure professionalism.

    Seeking Permanent Residence is an important decision and an intricate process, therefore it is critical that you work with a company that has your best interest at heart. At IASG, we promise you with Key Value Propositions:



    We have assembled a team comprising of experienced Senior and Junior officers from the Government Ministries as well as professionals across varying sectors in Multi-National Corporations (MNCs). We combine the best minds from diverse backgrounds to form a professional, intelligent, dynamic, and well-rounded team. With more than two decades of experience in handling immigration cases, our team is well positioned to work with you at every step of your application journey. As well-trained immigration professionals, our knowledge and familiarity will ensure that you are well represented and your needs are fully addressed. We take great pride and ownership of each case so that we maintain a sharp eye in picking up the little nuances that can impact your application.



    We are in the business of building a long-term relationship with all our clients and we go the extra mile to ensure that this is applied at all touch points. By assigning a dedicated team of specialists that are readily available and accessible to your particular case, we are able to map out a strategic and structured approach for your application. These specialists will be fully accountable in ensuring clear and correct communications of instructions, timelines, case progression, processes, policies and so on. Therefore, you can always be assured that all application milestones and deliverables are completed smoothly, in a timely fashion.



    By having a professionally managed case, it greatly reduces the time and hassle you have to spend understanding intricate policies and requirements, sieving through your documents, and sitting in front of the computer filling up the various forms and completing the online submission. This effort that you would have to spend preparing application forms could have been put to better use professionally, or with loved ones. At IASG, we maintain a high level of efficiency and align ourselves to the KISS rule - Keep It Simple, Silly - so that you, our valued client will simply benefit, without the headaches.



    We will compile and prepare a complete, strong, and error-free documents package which meets the standards required by the various Government agencies. All documents and paperwork will undergo careful scrutiny by our legal team before you are invited to our office for a formal documents handover, face-to-face. Should there be any issues that arise close to submission date, rest assured they will be addressed immediately and completely. We are committed to ensure that your application receives the maximum attention by the authorities so as to significantly increase your chances for PR approval.




    Our vast experience in the industry and well-trained specialists allow us to work successfully on a variety of complex cases. From time to time, we understand that there will be applicants whose case may differ from standard applications and/or there might be special requirements. Should you choose to work with us, you can be assured that such matters will be handled professionally and promptly. This is where we value-add by providing correct and timely advice as well as offer the best solutions in moving your case forward. You can be certain that we will not leave you in the lurch at any point during the application journey.



    We understand that immigration is a big decision for individuals, families, and businesses. This is not a game. Immigration is a serious matter and we treat our work and clients seriously. As such, we do not attempt to smoke-screen our clients with gimmicks, over-promises or plain false claims simply to secure business. As we pride ourselves to be a professionally run firm, we aim to forge long-lasting client relationships based on mutual trust and respect. The time and resources spent on each of our clients reflect the value that you receive should you choose to work with us. Resorting to pushy sales tactics is something that we strongly feel against as it devalues what we stand for as an organization.


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